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EU-funded project PSIONIC kicks off on 12 July in Paris, France

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

The EU-funded project “High voltage, room temperature single-ion polymer electrolyte for safer all solid state lithium metal batteries” (PSIONIC) officially kicked off on 1st July 2022.

The PSIONIC kick-off meeting met in Paris, France to lay the foundations for a successful 4-year path to support the uptake of battery-powered electric vehicles.

Funded under the EU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation program, PSIONIC aims at supporting the development of all-solid-state battery technology. The overall objective of the PSIONIC project is to design all-solid-state batteries and prototype cells (the integral unit of the PSIONIC battery) with solvent-free, cost-effective extrusion processes by using a lithium metal anode and Lithium Nickel-rich Cobalt Manganese oxide (NCM) cathode (85% of Ni) in a combination with optimally designed polymer electrolyte interfaces to achieve unprecedented levels of safety and high ionic conductivity/transport while simultaneously attaining higher energy and power density. ​

The research and innovation actions carried out under the PSIONIC project will not only just contribute to the technological advancements of all-solid-state Li-ion batteries in terms of safety, reliability, performance, cost, and sustainability, but will also enable higher uptake by the electromobility sector and end consumers, paving a pathway towards climate neutrality, and green energy transition.

Coordinated by BlueSolutions, the subsidiary of Bolloré group specialized in lithium metal polymer batteries, PSIONIC will beneficiate from the expertise of all the value chain for designing then manufacturing solid state batteries, ranging from several of the best academic laboratories in Europe to industrial partners who will bring their own knowledge to this ambitious program. In four years, thanks to this strong collaboration, BlueSolutions aims at being ready for industrializing a new generation of solid polymer batteries with tremendous performance.

The PSIONIC Consortium includes 12 different partners coming from France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Sweden. The project consortium is glad to be part of this collaboration and is working hard to achieve the first project results!

Project Coordinator Blue Solutions Margaud Lecuyer e-mail:

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