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PSIONIC's 4th General Assembly takes place

The prestigious Politecnico di Torino in Turin, Italy, played host to the 4th General Assembly of PSIONIC on January 18–19. The gathering provided stakeholders with an essential forum to discuss the project's advancement and the most recent research findings.

The programme began with extensive talks about the advancements in project execution and research findings. Partners came together to share knowledge and concepts, creating a setting that encouraged creativity and cooperation.

While the academic discussion was going on, attendees enjoyed Italian food at a well-known eatery in the centre of Turin, strengthening bonds and promoting friendship.

We were grateful to all of the partners whose attendance and contributions made the gathering more enjoyable. They had a lively conversation together, highlighting how crucial their research was to achieving the project's main goals. Key focus areas were identified and creative solutions were developed through group brainstorming to advance the project.

The assembly was filled with the common belief that the group dynamic acts as a powerful stimulant, inspiring individuals and creating an atmosphere that is favourable for reaching goals and bringing about meaningful transformation. Participants spoke with fresh enthusiasm about how excited they were about the plethora of events planned for the upcoming year.

PSIONIC is an innovative leader under the prestigious EU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme. With generous funding from the EU, this four-year project aims to push the boundaries of all-solid-state battery technology and bring about revolutionary improvements in energy storage.

Stakeholders are encouraged to follow along on the project's official website, the PSIONIC Website, as it sets out to transform the battery technology landscape. Insights and updates regarding the project's accomplishments will be easily available here, encouraging cooperation and knowledge sharing among community members. The Fourth PSIONIC General Assembly Progresses All-Solid-State Battery Technology


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