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MUSICHEM Spring Workshop 2023 – Exploring the Frontier of Energy Conversion and Storage

The charming town of Anacapri, Italy, played host to the MUSICHEM Spring Workshop on May 29th, 2023. Set within the scenic Aula Multimediale "Mario Cacace," this gathering served as a platform for some of Italy's finest minds in molecular and material sciences applied to energy conversion and storage devices. With a modest gathering of 20 participants from four prestigious Italian universities and academic institutions, the event fostered a collaborative atmosphere aimed at sharing the latest scientific updates in the field.

At the heart of the workshop lay a vital theme: the fusion of theory and experiments to propel fundamental advancements in knowledge and technology. It was clear from the outset that this workshop was designed to bridge the gap between research on paper and practical applications in the real world.

Opening the Gateway to Innovation

Professor Claudio Gerbaldi, representing the Polytechnic of Turin, commenced the proceedings with a comprehensive overview of solid-like electrolytes for advanced energy storage devices. The audience was captivated as he delved into the intricacies of the latest generation of these materials. Following his enlightening talk, Professor Sergio Brutti from the University of Rome La Sapienza took the stage to present the groundbreaking work of his research group. Their focus on anodeless electrodes for metal Li and metal Na batteries ignited conversations about pushing the boundaries of energy storage technology beyond generation 3.

The Power of Computational Insights

Several experts showcased their computational prowess, shedding light on various materials and interfaces used in cutting-edge energy conversion and storage devices. Dr. Arianna Massaro, Dr. Francesca Fasulo, Aniello Langella (University of Naples Federico II), and Mariarosaria Tuccillo (University of Rome La Sapienza) elucidated how rational design strategies could propel the development of efficient anode and cathode materials for sodium-ion, lithium-ion, and lithium-air batteries. Their presentations underscored the importance of bridging the gap between theory

and practice in material science.

Advancements in Catalysis and Electrochemical Interfaces

The workshop did not solely focus on energy storage devices but also delved into recent methodological advancements that enable precise characterization of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. This critical aspect was explored by Professor Ivan Rivalta (University of Bologna) and Olga D'Anania (University of Naples Federico II). Their contributions promised to fuel advanced theoretical investigations of electrochemical interfaces, potentially paving the way for innovative applications.

Harnessing the Power of Sunlight

Renewable energy sources, especially sunlight, also took center stage. Dr. Alessio Petrone (University of Naples Federico II) explored the challenges of describing light-matter interactions at different levels, highlighting the ongoing theoretical conundrums. Furthermore, Dr. Adriana Pecoraro and Gennaro V. Sannino (University of Naples Federico II) introduced attendees to the captivating world of perovskite solar cells, offering fresh insights into harnessing sunlight for clean energy.

In summation, the MUSICHEM Spring Workshop 2023 in Anacapri served as a dynamic platform where theory met practice in the realm of energy conversion and storage. With each presentation, the boundaries of scientific understanding expanded, and attendees departed with a renewed sense of purpose, eager to continue pushing the envelope of what is possible in the world of energy technology. The workshop's resounding success reaffirmed the importance of collaboration, interdisciplinary research, and the pursuit of innovation in advancing the field of energy science.


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